Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome to The Alliances Blog!

I'm really excited about starting my new business, The Alliances, Virtual Business Solutions, because I truly believe that small to medium-size business owners are really feeling the effects of our struggling economy. You hear of companies downsizing all the time, but you don't stop to think that many of the administrative tasks of those businesses still have to be completed. The Alliances can assist those business owners by providing administrative support on a regular, as-needed, or project basis either on-site or remotely (virtually).

By hiring The Alliances, you are getting an independent contractor that can save you time by taking on those tasks that are vital to your operations but use up your valuable time. We can save you money because we are not an employee, therefore, you don't have to pay payroll and unemployment taxes, benefits or vacation and sick pay, nor do you have to provide office space and equipment. The biggest savings comes because you only pay for time worked--no down time, no socializing, no breaks, etc. You are invoiced only for the time spent working on your projects.

Please visit our website at to see a sampling of the services we have to offer and call us for a free consultation. We want to help you be successful by giving you back the time you need to focus on your business.

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